Here is a link to the Google Doc
with all of our vocabulary for this year.
The vocab is also listed below.

Unit One
lingua, -ae, f-- tounge, language
incolo, incolere, incolui--to live in, inhabit
divido, dividere, divisi, divisus--to divide
mitto, mittere, misi, missum---to send, release, let go
trans + acc.--across
appello, --are, --avi, atus--to name, call
proximus, --a, --um--nearest
flumen, fluminis, n.---river
hic, haec, hoc--this. these
bellum, -i., n.--war

Unit Two
sum, esse, fui, futurus--to be
reperio, reperire, repperi, reperitus--to find out, report
virtus, virtutus--manliness, courage
is, ea, id--he/she/it/him/her
relinquo, relinquare, reliqui, relictum--to leave behind, abandon,
legatus, -i. m--envoy, representative, messenger
homo, hominis, m.--man
do, dare, dedi, datum--to give
infero, inferre, intuli, illatum--to bring in, or bring forward, to wage.