Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.13.49 PM.png
6/6 and 6/7
More work with Victory or Death

6/2 and 6/3
Start: Victory or Death, page 199 in text
Due Monday, 6/6
period 3: lines 7-11 in Victory or Death, page 205
Due Tuesday, 6/7
period 4B: lines 1-6 in Victory or Death, page 205
5/31 and 6/1
Period 3: Start new translation
period 4B: Finish Caesar Addresses His Troops
Due Thursday, 6/2:
period 3: Any work not completed with sub
Due Friday 6/3:
period 4B: Last four lines of Caesar Addresses His Troops part II. From Conclamant to defendere
5/26 and 27
Senior farewell

5/23 and 24
Finish Caesar addresses his troops
5/19 and 20
Caesar Addresses his Troops

Work on C. Addresses His Troops
Due Friday, 5/20
period 3: lines 9-12 on hand out (also on page 173)
period 4B: lines 1-2 on hand out (also on page 173)
5/12 and 13
Period 3: Start new translation, "Caesar addresses his troops"
period 4B: Finish Caesar picture books
Period 3: First eleven lines
period 4B: picture books due
5/10 and 11
Quiz on "Senate Debates Caesar"
Work on picture books

review for quiz
picture book
Due Tuesday 5/10:
period 3:Quiz, Senate Debates Caesar
Due Wednesday, 5/11:
period 4B: Quiz, Senate Debates Caesar
5/5 and 6
Finish translation
Start Caesar picturebooks

period 3: finish The Senate Debates Caesar
period 4: start part III and IV
Due Thursday, 5/5
period 4B: lines 23-27 on hand out--to the end
part III: The Senate Debates Caesar
Due Tuesday, 5/3
Period 3: Lines 19-22 on page 153. List all verbs and tense/voice/form if needed(infinitive or participle), note if any clause types are present, link all prepositions and their nouns/adj., translate.
4/28 and 29
The Senate Debates Caesar
Due Monday, 5/2
period 3: lines 11-15, page 153
Due Tuesday, 5/3
period 4B:lines 11-15, page 153
Both classes: here is the link for your work with the sub. See you tomorrow (or Wednesday)
All work from sub due next class
Present projects
NONE. Have a great vacation!
4/12 and 13
Period 3: finish projects
Period 4B: Cornerstone and finish projects
Due Thursday, 4.14
Both classes: Projects due--present
4/8 and 11
Unit test
Period 3, 4/11: Cornerstone

Finish review
Due Friday 4/8
period 3: Unit test
Due Monday 4/11
Period 4B: Unit test
4/4 and 4/5
Finish Marriage of the Druids
Review for unit test
Due Thursday 4/7
period 3: last part of review: Marriage of the Druids. Unit test Friday
Marriage of the Druids
Due Friday, 4/1
period 3: Lines 3-5 (to pervenit) in Marriage of the Druids
period 4B:Lines 7-9 conveniunt
3/29 and 30
Finish Training of the Druids
Start Marriage of the Druids: Woordle, verbs, mark up
Due Thursday, 3/30
period 3: Lines 11-13 in Training of the Druids. Finish translation
Due Friday, 4/1
Period 4B: Lines 1-3 in The Marriage of the Druids
3/24 and 25
More work on Training of the Druids
Due Monday, 3/28
Period 3: Line 6-8 in Training of the Druids--mark up and translate
3/21 and 22
Training of the Druids--new translation method

Quiz on conditionals
CEP--no HW
Review conditionals
period 4B: finish the Druids of Gaul
Due Friday, 3/11
period 3: Quiz on conditionals
Due Monday, 3/15
period 4B: Quiz on conditionals
period 3: finish "The Druids of Gaul"
period 4B: CORNERSTONE: supported reading
Continue with "The Druids of Gaul"

CORNERSTONE: supported reading
Continue with "The Druids of Gaul"
Due Tuesday, 3/8:
Period 3: lines 7-9, page 81 in text
3/ 4
Begin translation of "The Druids of Gaul"

3/1 and 2
Conditional clauses
Logic intro
Due Friday, 3/4
period 3: Page 121 in packet--all exercises
New translation method:
1. Write out the Latin, skipping a line between lines
2. Translate the lines in the in-between spaces
3. On back, list any grammatical concepts/formations you don't understand.
4. Also on back, list any vocab you can't find and don't know.
Due Wednesday, 2/10
period 4B: Using our new tranlslation method, translate lines 24- end of "The Hard-won Victory"
Due Tuesday, 2/09
period 3: none
period 3: purpose and result quiz
Due Monday, 2/8
period 3: any work not completed when I was out last class
Period 4B: Quiz on purpose and result clauses
Due Monday, 2/8
period 4B:lines 15-19 in Hard-won Victory
period 3: The Hard-won victory
Due Friday, 2/5
Due Friday 2
period 3: lines 15-19 in Hard-won Victory, study for purpose and result quiz
2/1 and 2/2
Start "The Hard-won Victory"
Continue work with Purpose and Result clauses
Due 2/2:
period 3: lines 1-14 page 65
Purpose and result clauses
Consolidate subordinate clauses on chart
Due Monday 2/1
period 3: # 8-12 in packet
Due Tuesday 2/2"
period 4B:
  1. 8-12 in packet
1/26 and 27
Who were the Gauls?
Read Ch. 24-26 in English
1/22 and 25
Unit test
Prepare for unit test
Both classes: Next class--unit test
Both classes: quiz on cum clauses.
Due Thursday, 1/21
Both classes: page 48 in text, numbers 2 and 3. List words, tell what kind of participle or infinitive it is, and translate.
Translation with English and Latin.
Due Tuesday, 1/19
both periods: Quiz on cum clauses. Use hand out to study, if you wish. It is NOT required homework. But it will help you do better on the quiz.
period 3: Review of tenses, Start, "In the Thick of the Fight"
period 4B: Review of tenses, Start, "In the Thick of the Fight"
Due Thursday, 1/14
period 3: Sentences 1-5 on page 39 in text.
period 3: finish, "The Battle Begins."
Due Tuesday, January 12:
period 3:#2-10 on page 113 in Cum Clause packet. Translate each sentence.
period 3: cum clauses

period 4B: Review independent clauses, start cum clauses
Due Friday, January 8:
period 4B: ex on page 113 in packet. All
period 3: review independent clauses
Due Friday, January 8 (no class Thursday, 1/7):
period 3: test corrections due
Both periods: Independent subjunctive clauses
Due Tuesday, Jan. 5
Period 3: Translation ex. II, page 79 in hand out
Due Wednesday, Jan. 6:
Period 4B:Translation ex. II, page 79 in hand out
12/21 and 22
Present projects
NONE--have a good break
12/ 17
Work on projects
Due Friday, 12/18
period 3:NONE
Due Monday, 12/21
Both periods: projects due
period 3: Finish translation, work on projects, quest next class
Due Thursday, 12/17
period 3: Open note quest on "Caesar Encounters the Nervii" and "The Battle Begins, part 1"
period 3: Ablative absolute, work on translation, prokects
Due Tuesday, 12/15:
period 3: last three lines of "The Battle Begins"
Period 3: Work on project
Period 4B: Translate more of "The Battle Begins," and introduce project on Roman military

period 3: Present and perfect quiz. Finish translation
Due Friday, 12/11:
lines 12 and 13 in "The Battle Begin"
period 4B: review pres and perfect
intro military project
Start "The Battle Begins"
Due Friday, 12.11
period 4B: NONE
period 3: review for perfect/present quiz (next class)
Military work
Period 4: Vocab quiz.,practice present and perfect subj., military work
Period 3:
Due Thursday, 12/10: Present and PP quiz.,
period 3: vocab quiz, prep for perfect/present quiz
Due Monday, period 3: Choose one verb in the first conjugation (--are), and one in the third conjugation (--ere) and conjugate them in the present subjunctive, active and passive, and the perfect subjunctive, active and passive.
period 3:
Review perfect and present subj., Practice
period 4B:
Intro present and perfect subj.
Review vocab (quiz Monday)
Due Friday, 12/4
period 3: vocab quiz

Due Monday 12/7
period 4B: vocab quiz
period 3: present and perfect subjunctive
period 4B:
Review vocab., test corrections, finish The Eagle
Due Thursday, 12/3
period 3: classwork due--fill out blue verb organizer if you think it will help you. All--do white packet. Vocab defined (quiz Friday)
period 4B: None
period 3: Review vocab.,
Due Tuesday, 12/1:
period 3: none
period 3:
period 4B: Quiz on imp and PP subj.

Period 3: Quiz on imp and Pp subjunctive

period 3: Translate to line 6, page 17. Intro to Military history.
period 4B: Start next translation in Caeasr
Due Monday, 11/23
Quiz on imp and PP subjunctive
AND translate from "qui..." to end of translation (line 8). Be ready to name the acc. subj. and the infinitives, as well as highlight any subjunctive verbs.
Due Tuesday 11/24:
end of line 4 (quod) to middle of line 7 (virtutis)
Quiz on PP and IMP subj.
11/18 and 11/19
Period 4B, Wednesday, 11/18:
Intro to subjunctive

Period 3, Thursday, 11/19:
Here is the video to watch. The sub has the question sheet. Your answer sheet, as well as your translation are due at the end of class.

Due Friday, 11/20
period 4B:
Conjugate two verbs of your choice in the imperfect and PP subjunctive.
Read intro to Lesson II,page 13. And top of page 16.
11/16 and 17
Period 3: Subjunctive
"The Dark Side of the Subjunctive

Period 4B: Unit test
Period 3:
Due Tuesday, 11/17:
period 3: Conjugate two verbs (any verbs you choose) in the imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive, active and passive
Due Thursday 11/19
Due Wednesday, 11/18
period 4B: NONE

Due Thursday 11/19
period 3: through middle of line three in tranlsation on page 17

Due Friday 11/20:
Period 3: Quiz on imperfect and PP subjunctive
11/12 and 13
period 3: Quest
period 4B: Review grammar, close translation. Quest next class.
Due Friday, 11/13
period 3: read pages 13 and 14 in text, and translate sentences 1-5 on page 14-15.
Due Monday, 11/16:
period 3
period 4B: Unit quest
11/9 and 10
Period 3, Monday: close reading. Review for quest
Period 4B Monday: Finish translation, Vocab quiz , grammar of passage
Period 3 Tuesday: Quest
Due Tuesday, Nov. 10:
period 3: none
Due Thursday, Nov. 12:
period 3: Quest on translation
period 4B: Second half of grammar sheet from Caesar
11/5 and 6
Period 3 Thursday:Review translation
test corrections
finish film
Period 4B Thursday:
Review translation
test corrections
finish film
Period 3 Friday: Vocab quiz, finish translation. Find the verbs?
Due Friday, 11/6
period 3: lines 10-13 in packet handed out in class. Also--prepare for vocab quiz on words from this chapter (on Googledoc CJ created)
Due Monday 11/6
period 3: none
period 4B: vocab quiz on vocab from reading (from Google spreadsheet Brianna made)
period 3: vocab and start translation
period 4B:Map of Gaul, grammar review, vocab
Due Thursday, 11/5
period 3: lines 7-10 on page 9
Due Thursday, 11/5:
period 4B: lines 1-4 (first complete sentence) on page 9.
period 3: Gaul
Due Tuesday, 11/3:
period 3: Read para. on relative pronouns and reflexive pronouns, do ex. 2-5 in exercise on page 6
Life of Caesar
Due Monday 11/2
Period 3: None
Due Tuesday, 11/3
period 4B: Read intro to Caesar in new text (pages xxi-xxiv). Answer questions.
period 3: CAESAR!
Due Friday, 10/30
Period 3:Questions on Introduction to Caesar reading from new text.
period 4B: unit test
Due Friday, 10/30:
Period 4B: Hand out with questions about Caesar
Period 3:Questions on Introduction to Caesar reading from new text.
period 3: unit test
Due Thursday, 10/29:
period 3: Question hand out on Caesar link
period 3: Final review
period 4B: Final review
Due Tuesday, Oct. 27
period 3:unit test next class
Due Wednesday, Oct. 28
Period 4B: Level III--unit test next class
period 3: final review
Due Monday, 10/26:
period 3: NONE
Period 3: Review for unit test
Period 4: Review for unit test, translate Ch. 35
Due Friday, 10/ 23:
Period 3: unit test on Monday
Due Monday, 10/26:
period 3: Unit test
period 4B: Unit test on Wednesday
10/19 and 20
10/19,Period 3: IS review and quiz
10/20, Period 4B: Review IS, translate 35
10/20, period 3: IS quiz for those who need to take it, review for unit test.
Due Tuesday, 10/20
period 3: Indirect statement quiz for those who have not taken it.
Due Thursday, 10/22
period 4B: Indirect statement quiz (Even and Joe).
JOE HW--sort out main verb, acc subj, infinitive for the three sentences checked in the practice packet.
10/15 and 10/16
Ch. 35, Indirect statement
Due Friday, October 16:
Period 3: Juniors--para. one in Ch. 35 (three lines), and test corrections on your participle quiz.
Due Monday, October 19:
period 3: Numbers 7-14 in infinitive packet
Due Tuesday, October 20:
Indirect statement practice hand out.
10/13 and 14
Both classes: Cornerstone on Roman Dinner Party
Period 3: Ch. 35 and infinitive work
period 4B: intro infinitives
Due Thursday, October 15:
period 3: numbers 7-14nin infinitive/indirect statement packet
Due Friday, October 16:
period 4B: Ex. I and Ex. II in Infinitive packet.
Period 3: Infinitives
Due Tuesday, October 13:
period 3: Cornerstone on dinner party--review reading
Due Wednesday, October 14:
period 4B:
Cornerstone on dinner party--review reading
Period 3:
Period 4B:
Participle quiz
Due Thursday, 10/8
Period 4B: Bring in materials for dinner party

Due Thursday 10/8;
period 3: NONE
period 3:
Participle quiz
Due Tuesday, 10/6
Period 3: dinner party
Period 3:
Finish prep for quiz
Period 4B:
Plan dinner party
get ready for quiz on participles
Due Monday, 10/5:
study for participle quiz
Due Tuesday, 10/6
Period 4B: Study for participle quiz.
Period 3:
Due Friday, 10/2
Sentences 6-8, practice VI and 1-2 practice VII in participle hand out.
Period 4B: reading quiz
practice participles
finish translating 33
Due Friday, 10/2:
Period 4B: All work from sub, plus read pages 54-55 in Ecce text (both Latin III and IV do this).
Period 3: plan dinner party
review translation
Due Thursday 10/1:
period 3:
reading quiz
More on participles
Period 4:
Go over HW, "Last girls of Pompeii"
Due Tuesday, 9/29:
period 3: Lines 13-19 in chapter 33
Due Wednesday, 9/30
Period 4B: Read Ch. 7 from "Last Girl of Pompeii," ch. 7. We will have a reading quiz when class starts.
period 3: review HW
Last Girls of Pompeii
Due Monday, 9/28
Reading quiz on "Last Girls of Pompeii"
Review participles

period 3:review participles
period 4B:
verb quiz
dinner party info
Due Thursday 9/24:
Period 3: Numbers 1-6 Translation V, page 8 in packet.
Period 4B: Translation III, 1-6, page 7 in packet. Translation V, #1-5, page 8 in packet
period 3: verb quiz
dinner party info
Period 3: ex. 33 b in text, numbers 2,3,and 4. In each sentence:
1. copy Latin sentence down
2. Circle participle (s)
3. Draw a line from the participle to the word (s) it modifies
4. Translate
Continue verb review
Practice quiz
Due Monday 9/21
Period 3:verb quiz next class
Practice quizlet
Practice again
Due Tuesday 9/22
Both classes: verb quiz next class
Practice quizlet
Practice again
No Class: summer read

Verb work
Due Friday 9/18
Period 3: Verb review
Begin translation
Due Friday 9/18
Period 3: Reading on Roman dinner party, answer questions on hand out.
Noun quiz
Due Tuesday, 9/15
Period 3: Conjugate these verbs in the person assigned to you: ago, agere, egi, actus and manéo, manére, mansi, mansus
CJ: you sing.
Tommy and Sophie--He/she
Tristan and Daly--we
Cassidy and Colby--y'all

Due Thursday, 9/17
4B: Practice one, two, and three in verb review packet
Noun review
Due Friday, 9/11
Period 3: Practice seven in noun review packet

Due Monday 9/14:
Period 3: Practice for noun quiz
Period 4B: Practice for noun quiz

Due Thursday 9/10

Period 3:Caesar reading:
1. What were the commentaries?
2. Describe Caesar's writing style.
3. What were some of Caesar's writing techniques?

Period 4B:
1. Practice one and two in noun review packet